Innocon was born under the wing of Holding Setop S.A, a Chilean investment group with more than two decades of experience in the human and animal food industry, chemical industry, construction, mining and consultancy that operates in the national and international market.
Innocon proven competencies:

  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental & Industrial Consultancy
  • Biotechnology Research and Development
  • Work Team

    Quality Policy
    Innocon S.A. is a Chilean company that was created in 2012 assuming the industrial and innovation challenges of its customers. As a center for industrial technological development, Innocon S.A. seeks to become a benchmark for industrial innovation at a national and international level and to maximize the productivity of its own services and that of its customers, under the scoop of being a fundamental contribution to economic development.

    In order to quality objectives to be achieved, Innocon S.A. works on the continuous improvement of the following principles:

    SATISFACTION: Fully comply with the requirements of our customers, regulations and regulatory aspects of our stakeholders to give clear and real answers to their requests and expectations.

    ENTIRETY: Commitment to offer the customer the entire portfolio of services executed by suitable and qualified professionals to provide comprehensive, real and appropriate solutions to the requirements of our customers.

    RESPONSIBILITY: Real commitment of professional work to deliver services and/or products of full customer satisfaction under quality standards.

    OPPORTUNITY:Execute dynamic actions that allow us to resolve customer requests in the time agreed by the parties involved.

    SECURITY: Implement and systematize the documentation and records that preserve the security and integrity of the services.

    IMPROVEMENT: Development of a process of continuous improvement in our organization, related to quality, performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

    Innocon S.A., through training and motivation programs, will ensure that this policy is understood, accepted and applied by all the organization’s personnel.

    The industrial technological development center Innocon S.A is committed to offering reliable and innovative solutions to national and international industry, through a team of qualified people and technologies with high quality standards, respecting current regulations and connected to our customer needs.

    Innocon S.A seeks to consolidate itself as a national benchmark for comprehensive industrial solutions, assuming innovation challenges that promote new and better services that impact the development of the Chilean and global industry.

    Work Team
    Innocon has a technically trained and committed human team made up of Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Chemical and Process Engineers, among others, all with vast experience in the services offered by the company. On the other hand, Innocon works together with the Industrial Technological Center, a center made up of a staff of scientists associated with multidisciplinary engineering for the contribution of biotechnology, a differentiating factor in the creation of products and improvement of industrial processes.