Electronic Execution Engineer joins Innocon S.A. staff

The experienced engineer joined the company’s staff as Head of Engineering in December of last year.

As part of the broad commitment to development that Innocon is making, the engineer Alberto Apablaza has joined the work team since December, assuming the Head of Engineering.

“His academic training was carried out at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, a house of studies with vast experience in engineering development and electrical/instrumental construction. Alberto has performed project coordination functions, from the very first stages to start-up.

In addition, he has actively participated in milestones that have been of great relevance in the region,” which is why Innocon was inclined to incorporate the engineer, says Carlos Mendez, the company’s Sales Manager.
On the other hand, the more than 20 years of experience in ENAP Refinería Biobío, Ingetel, Adapro consulting, and the extensive participation in projects in the national industry place the professional as a senior engineer in the industry.

The incorporation of Alberto Apablaza to the Innocon staff comes to cover the head of the Engineering area, and is currently developing the engineering execution plans and the service guidelines, highlights Carlos Mendez, who in turn hopes: “this new member to be a benchmark for young engineers and his experience helps us to generate confidence in the industrial market.”