Professors from the Engineering School of the University of Concepcion visited Innocon

In the opportunity, the academics were shown the different services that Innocon provides, all hand in hand with Innovation.

A visit to Innocon companies was carried out by some academics from Engineering School on August 23, led by Rodrigo Borquez, Director of R&D at FI UdeC; accompanied by academics Alex Schwarz from the Department of Civil Engineering and Oscar Valerio from the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The event was conceived thanks to the participation of Javier Waldron, Director of Innocon, in a meeting with a group of businessmen held last July and in which he invited the Engineering School to see the facilities located in Parque Industrial, Escuadrón 1, Coronel.

“Quite impressed by the work they are doing, from instrumental analysis services, characterization and even product developments, such as an organic paint (based on fish oil),” said Rodrigo Borquez.

Innocon is a private Innovation and Development Center that aims to generate added value through product development and -as explained on the website www.innocon.cl- was born under the wing of Holding Setop S.A., a Chilean investment group with more than two decades of experience in the human and animal food industry, chemical industry, construction, mining and consultancy that operates in the national and international market.

In addition to being accompanied by Javier Waldron, the CEO, Carlos Sepulveda, who was open to working with FI UdeC on future projects, also joined the visit.

Source: http://www.ing.udec.cl/noticias/docentes-fi-visitan-y-conocen-capacidades-de-la-empresa-innocon--2