The provincial governor of the Bio Bio region learned the innovative economic model of INNOCON and its industrial development

The highest authority in the eighth region of Chile toured the company’s premises and met with representatives of the holding company to discuss new future actions.

With the aim of learning about industrial development and its impact on various regional and national companies, the provincial governor Jorge Ulloa together with the CEO of the Corporacion Desarrolla Bio bio, and the Regional Director of Prochile held a strategic meeting at the Company’s premises.

Innocon’s CEO, Carlos Sepúlveda, was in charge of receiving the authority and presiding over the meeting, and indicated that “it was an important opportunity to present how we work for industrial development in the area; not only from innovation, but also from process improvements, development, design, construction and the complete support that we provide to companies and organizations that require our services.”

During the visit, the provincial governor highlighted the positioning that the company Innocon has achieved and pointed to the need to continue working together to collaborate with the economic and business boost for the Bio Bio region.

In addition, the representative of Innocon added that “there must be a close relationship between the public and private world to boost the regional and national economy, an example of this is our relationship with Desarrolla Bio bio, which manages a development between the private, public and academic world. In this way, it allows us to contribute our knowledge, experience and services in new collaboration scenarios.”

Within the strategic guidelines, Innocon will seek to continue being a leading and participatory entity in the regional economic scenario, and provide a vision of sustainable business development for the coming years.