INNOCON brings science closer to vulnerable Coronel students

A series of professionals from the company –belonging to the Setop Group– will develop scientific experiences for the students of a Coronel school.

In order to promote and develop scientific curiosity in seventh and eighth grade students, Innocon -through professionals from different areas of the company- will carry out support work at the Rosa Yañez School, located in Schwager. The initiative was raised in October last year when the negotiations between the company and the school began, which today is materialized in a series of practical work, in addition to visits to scientific centers at the regional level.
“The impact we are having on these children is that they know something different. The second thing is that there is growth, a link from the company to the community, but it also has to do with our group of scientists, who have felt very comfortable”, said Elizardo Riffo, Manager at Mar Fusion, a company associated with the holding company.”

The manager added that the 90% of the students in the aforementioned school area in vulnerable situations, which is why the evaluation of the social initiative is high, because in addition the objectives -as he described- are also ambitious: “There are 28 activities in the first semester and 26 during the second one, more extra activities such as “Explore”, he said.

In “Explore”, the group of science professionals together with the same students must develop a scientific experience of a school nature. “What we will do is choose a model that has to do with plant growth and we are going to focus on water pollution, soil study... that is not clear yet since we have to decide with the students, we have to give them that space,” he commented.

Innocon currently has different professionals in the area of ​​science for the educational objective in question, such as chemists, biochemists, metallurgical engineers, food engineers, among others.