INNOCON signs PASSO implementation agreement at the Institute for Work Safety

On April 12, in the offices of the Chilean Institute for Work Safety (IST Zonal Sur), INNOCON signed the implementation agreement of the Project to Manage Occupational Health and Safety (PASSO) with which it begins a process of restructuring and voluntary evaluation.

International demands on occupational safety encourage companies to achieve certifications, in order to prevent risk factors to which workers are exposed. This is why INNOCON decided to work voluntarily together with the Work Safety Institute (IST Zonal Sur) in the PASSO project.

On April 12, INNOCON signed the agreement to implement the Project to Manage Occupational Health and Safety, with the presence of its CEO, Carlos Sepulveda Toepfer, and the Southern Zone Manager of the IST, Oscar Olate Pinto.

PASSO is a project created by the IST based on the international standard OHSAS 18001:2007, which allows companies to manage operational risks and improve performance. The project considers three stages of certification: Planned PASSO, Operational PASSO and PASSO in Action. Plan that when starting up establishes a technical collaboration protocol between the IST and the company.

Ana Zambrano Vega, Risk Prevention advisor at INNOCON, indicates that with this alliance “the IST is committed to guiding the execution of the Management System by providing exclusive professionals so that the company can obtain the certification of each stage of PASSO, as well as providing a “internal auditors training” course based on the OHSAS 18.001 Standard, who are responsible for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the system. On the other hand, INNOCON undertakes to comply with each of the 3 stages required by PASSO and to obtain 100% compliance with the audits carried out.”

The main benefits of signing the PASSO agreement are to increase the capabilities of the company, “through the establishment and fulfillment of the safety regulations that certify the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases. Allowing workers to function in an environment with controlled risks and greater training. And thus, reduce accident rates,” adds Zambrano, advisor in Risk Prevention.

With this signing of the agreement, it is expected that, for the first semester of 2018, INNOCON will be a creditor of the certifications of the 3 PASSO stages and can access the certification of the international standard OHSAS 18.001. Thus modeling a high-level strategy in the discipline, highlighting the Risk Prevention program and annual training; implementation of a Joint Committee on Order, Hygiene and Safety; and the decrease in workplace accidents.