INNOCON joins the “Aquaculture Innovation Club” as a member in Chile

Companies become members of the trade association by providing knowledge in the field of underwater robotics, software for business processes, hydroacoustic technology for fish observation, engineering services, and Biotechnology R&D.

The Aquaculture Innovation Club, based in Puerto Varas (Chile), announced this Tuesday, May 19, the recent incorporation of four new partners: Patagonia ROV, GX Consultores, CageEye and Innocon.

It should be noted that these companies join the trade association by providing knowledge in the field of underwater robotics, software for business processes, hydroacoustic technology for fish observation, engineering services, and Biotechnology R&D.

In unison, the new members agree on the importance of bring together and acting as a cluster for aquaculture products and services. All of this, under the auspices of the Chilean Aquaculture Innovation Club. For Alex Perez, General Manager at Patagonia Rov, joining the club will allow them to interact and “create ties with the different companies that are present in the development of the aquaculture industry; to learn; provide new technologies; and achieve cooperative work between companies. This will allow us to be a constant contribution in our industry, making a difference in improvement, best practices and long-term sustainability.”

Along the same lines, Carlos Mendez, Innocon’s Sales Manager, adds that “we are motivated to be associated with a club whose focus is collaboration, modernization and progress in aquaculture.”

Meanwhile, Cristian Vera, GX Consultores Director, indicated that “synergy derived from the interaction with actors of the salmon industry and of the other industries in which we participate or want to participate, necessarily generates an unlimited source of opportunities and challenges that allow us to maximize our company vision.” This “allows us to deliver a global level service with the proper local contextualization that each of our customer demands.”

Finally, Sunil Kadri, International Business Development Director at CageEye, points out that “joining this team gives the opportunity to interact and collaborate with Chilean people and companies that are leaders in innovation, who strive to develop and provide solutions to the local and international industry, and is therefore a great honor. For my company, CageEye, recently arrived in Chile, which brings innovative food solutions developed in Norway, being able to exchange perspectives, approaches and solutions with Chilean suppliers, as well as looking for opportunities for joint projects, is something that motivates us, and that is why we are glad to have been invited to join this Club,” said Kadri, a businessman linked to global innovation in aquaculture since the mid-1990s.

New members

Patagonia ROV: Company specialized in the operation and management of underwater robotics jobs, ensuring correct implementation of different artifacts of the aquaculture industry, such as moorings, cages, seal and fish nets and pontoons. The company also provides support in the processes of preparation of the farms, mortality removal, fish baths and harvesting. In addition, seabed inspection services are offered, in order to reduce the loss of food, improving the feeding strategy and reducing the impact on the environment.

GX Consultores: Development of software projects, Geographic Information Systems according to the needs and BPM-type projects using the BPMN standard, which results in the use of a common language when defining and modeling business processes for participating companies at the local, regional and national levels. The development of GX Consultores projects allows to record, edit, view, and consult information in a simple and friendly way through the use of a 100% digital platform.

CageEye: It is a global company based in Oslo, Norway. They have developed a unique hydroacoustic technology that allows observing the behavior of fish and generating an objective measurement of their appetite. It provides analytical data and transforms the behavior of farmed fish into knowledge and understanding of the natural routines of the fish, in order to carry out the feeding according to the appetite of the fish, making it as efficient as possible.

Innocon: Technological development center that offers reliable and innovative solutions to the national and international industry, through a technically trained and committed human team including Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Chemical and Process Engineers, among others, all of them with vast experience in Engineering Services, Environmental & Industrial Consultancy, Biotechnology Research and Development and Quality Assurance.

Source: http://www.mundoacuicola.cl/new/noticias/acuicultura/cuatro-nuevos-socios-se-suman-al-club-innovacion-acuicola/