Carlos Sepulveda: “We seek to deliver added value to all products”

The CEO was invited to participate in the program “Mañana de Noticias” on Radio El Conquistador.

Last Friday the 22nd, Innocon’s CEO, Carlos Sepulveda, was invited to the program “Mañana de Noticias” on Radio El Conquistador. On the occasion, the Innocon executive highlighted the company’s hallmark, focused on constantly delivering greater value to products -both own and third-party-, and named some of the projects that have positioned Innocon as a benchmark for R&D in the region: The research that allowed the stone to be put to use -transforming 1,500 tons of this element into a new product- and the production of Powdered Fish Oil, a pioneering solution that will allow producers of other types of food (such as bread ) include the benefits of Omega-3 in their products.

The full interview is available at the following link: