Your needs are analyzed and personalized solutions are designed to maximize your performance. Our highly trained team provides comprehensive advice, driving business growth and efficiency.
Our services

Project management services are adapted to the needs of our clients, ensuring efficiency and meeting deadlines. At all stages and together with our clients, subsidy financing opportunities are constantly evaluated to encourage production and economic growth.


Innovation Fund for Regional Competitiveness (Fic-R)

Tax Incentive Law No. 20241

Infyde iD: Business Strengthening in Innovation Management

Desarrolla BioBío



Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department specializes in providing services to guide organizations towards national and international certifications. We adapt methods and approaches to the unique needs of each client, ensuring high standards of quality and sustainability.

Consulting and implementation ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Advice and implementation of REP Certification

Consulting and implementation ISO 17025:2017 Accreditation

Advice and implementation Marin Trust Certification

• Advice and implementation HACCP Certification

Advice and implementation of PAC Certification

Preparation of documents for registration of products at different destinations

Product labeling review

Our highly qualified team is dedicated to designing innovative and efficient solutions, we plan and execute projects with commitment to excellence at each stage.

Development of engineering projects in structural, civil, electrical, automation and sanitary areas

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Basic and detailed engineering


We guide our clients in the implementation of eco-friendly practices, optimizing their environmental performance and strengthening their social responsibility.

Environmental Audit and Monitoring

Critical review of environmental surveillance plans

Industrial Waters

We focus on maximizing water resources by analyzing processes and propose efficient improvements in water management

Sensorization and measurement of water

Characterization of effluents

Effluent measurement