R&D Food Area
The department focused on innovative products for the food industry, validated specifically for the target species. Sustainability is a main feature of our development process, ensuring strict quality control and compliance with regulations at a national and international level. Each of the processes are developed under strict scientific standards, emphasizing quality, safety, and nutritional benefits of our products. Moreover, we actively consider economic, commercial, and regulatory aspects to adapt our solutions to the needs of our clients, providing prototypes and personalized proposals.

Food supplements for pets.

Sustainable marine blends, including microalgae oils, for aquaculture feed.

Food supplement for competition horses to maximize their performance.

Protein hydrolysates, to improve palatability and attractiveness of pet and aquaculture foods.

Microencapsulation of marine oils, for supplementing foods such as bread and cookies with EPA+DHA for human consumption.

Lysophospholipids, to increase the digestibility of oils and fats in the animal feed industry.

Black Soldier Fly meal and oil, as a sustainable source of protein and fat for the animal feed industry.

Optimization of the physicochemical and microbiological stability of products.