The leading R&D company delivered two challenges related to sustainability and renewable energy to receive solutions from the participants of the regional program.

Within the framework of the SUMA Talento initiative, a project executed by IRADE and financed by the Regional Government of Biobío, Innocon, a leading company in Innovation and Development for the Chilean and global industry, delivered two challenges for the teams participating in this program to formulate solutions. innovative.

The challenges proposed by Innocon are focused on sustainability for two of its sister companies of the Setop Group, the holding company to which it belongs. The first challenge focuses on finding opportunities for improvement in relation to renewable energies for the company Tralca, a company dedicated to warehousing, and in this way reducing electrical energy consumption.

The second idea focuses on making the production of olive pit flour, generated by Industone, a company dedicated to the manufacture of chemical products, more efficient and effective using more environmentally friendly energy and reducing the amount of total diesel. or partially.

Carlos Sepúlveda, general manager of Innocon, commented on the experience that is being delivered in the implementation of this program and added that: “There is a lot of talent in the region and often there is a lack of opportunities for people to demonstrate that they can do great things. We as a company always have challenges and problems that we often cannot address 100%, so we wanted to give this opportunity so that those who participate in the program can present applicable solutions and contribute to the growth of regional R&D.”

Regarding the challenges that Innocon offered, he commented, “we were able to identify two problems that are very current, and we want to see what the solutions are related to the environment and sustainability that young local talents can provide us, allowing the processes to last over time,” ended.

People between 18 and 45 years old who live in the Biobío Region, who form groups of 2 to 4 people or who belong to a startup can participate in the SUMA Talento program. Participants will have to propose the technological and innovation solution to the challenge that motivates them the most: in total there are 8 challenges from companies related to different sectors such as energy, industry, commerce, and distribution.