Within the framework of the Meeting “Transforming the world from companies” organized by SOFOFA through its CBT Conecta Program together with Startup Biobío, Pablo Lagos, Head of R&D Food Area at Innocon, highlighted his participation in the panel “Empowering development and innovation in biotechnology, from Biobío to the world” together with the panelists Jupiter Muro R&D Manager Forests of CMPC, Yessenia Vega Bioprotegents Innovations, Jorge Vicuña CEO Keepex, Sofía Valenzuela Seremi Sciences, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the MZCS.

During the event, Lagos shared insights about the potential of biotechnology to drive development from the Biobío region to the world, highlighting the importance of this sector in a context of rapid market changes and growing concern about environmental impact.

Nowadays, where society and markets are experiencing accelerated transformations, biotechnology emerges as a key component to promote sustainable development. “By incorporating biotechnology into industrial processes, new possibilities are opened to address environmental and social problems, the ability to adapt to the requirements of the market and society is enhanced, allowing the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions that respond to demands. current ones,” commented the professional during his presentation in the conversation and debate panel on the topic.

The key question that arises is: how to effectively integrate biotechnology into industrial processes? This question poses challenges and opportunities for companies, requiring strategies and approaches that promote synergy between biotechnological innovation and production processes. The answer to this question could be crucial in driving not only business growth, but also contributing significantly to building a more sustainable and adaptable future.